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Senior Project Manager-HOTEL FIT OUT - North London - Upto 100K

Roles & Responsibilities

Pre Construction Duties:

·You will be involved, where possible, with the project through tender negotiations, to act as the project’ Leader’ liaising with the Submissions department on securing the bid.

·Thereafter with the approval of the Operations Manager / Construction Director you will prepare the management plan/strategy, and establish a site team in preparation for the project start.

·Construction Duties:

·During the build phase you will be expected to act as the project principal, directing and co-ordinating your team in line with the project strategy and technical/build requirements.

·You will define design scope, whilst identifying the processes and systems/procedures required under the contract, thereafter monitoring compliance through subordinates and external consultants.

·Managerial responsibility for the complete project lifecycle.

·Responsible for the adequacy of front line teams on projects in order to meet and exceed the targets/strategy set at tender stage and to the satisfaction of peers and clients.

·Ensure whomsoever falls under your management on a permanent or temporary basis is competent to fulfil the role prescribed by the function and that no breach of compliance occurs as a result.

·Establish a risk register, monitor and manage risk.

·Control projects in compliance with Company’s ISO 9001 accredited Management Procedures; Control projects against agreed quality standards; Establish dimensional control; Control project progress against agreed programmes; Control project costs against agreed budgets;

·Evaluate feedback information and recommend improvements.

·Evaluate and select work methods; Plan work activities and resources to meet project requirements; Select and form a project team; Establish and maintain project organisation and communication systems.

·Control works and SMS to meet project requirements;

·Manage site preparation; co-ordinate project activities; Establish, implement and maintain systems for managing project health, safety and welfare, in compliance with Company’s ISO 18001 accredited system

·Identify hazards and assess risks; Specify and implement methods and procedures to reduce risks; Record risks in line with the Company’s risk register.

·Manage site preparation; Complete Site Environmental Management Plans/Site Waste Management Plans; Update information throughout project, All in compliance with the Company’s ISO 14001 accredited system.

·Allocate work to teams and individuals; Assess the performance of teams and individuals; Provide feedback to teams and individuals on their performance.

·Chair meetings; Participate in meetings.

·Enhance the trust and support of colleagues; Enhance the trust and support of those whom you report; Enhance and maintain relationships with people affected by one’s work.

·Undertake and measure personal development; Enable others to learn and benefit from one’s experience; carry out Personal Development Plans. Development of immediate reports including performance setting/monitoring/appraisals and any specific training and personal development required.

·Monitor, maintain and improve supplies of materials to meet project requirements; Identify, allocate and plan the deployment of plant and equipment on site; Monitor use of plant and equipment on site.

·Ensure that project specific construction and design programmes are produced and managed through sub-ordinates.

·Develop and maintain regular communication plans with all staff, suppliers and contractors to deliver best practice.

·To work with and liaise regularly with the project commercial team, to set and achieve budgets, and commercial success.

·Ensure the appropriate management of clients, consultants and subcontractors and suppliers accounts, including but not limited to avoidance ‘within reasonable means’ contractual conflict/disputes.

·Implement the action directives that results from the project / business and manage contractual risk giving guidance / reporting to both peers and subordinates.

·Appraise immediate superiors of potential risks to the company on a regular basis and make best use of any tactical advantage that may exist.

·Manage a team of internal and external designers as and when required to include coordinators/architects/technical services managers and engineers to the requirements of each specific project, thereafter through the design team ensuring the design is provided adequately but not to excess.

·Develop design initiatives to offer value engineering at both the tender and build stage.

·Operate a system to reduce waste or loss of company assets,(plant, material etc)

·Ensure all project closure systems/administration to include, but not limited to, snagging, O&M manuals, project decant, is produced in a timely manner

To make periodic company related presentations with the Directors.

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